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What Is Silicone Teether Pacifier

Best for newborns – this BPA Free silicone teether pacifier, with 100% food grade silica gel and stainless steel clips, is designed for newborns more than 3 months old. It is a simple and cheap choice.

Integrated design – 100% silicone teether pacifier integrated design, easy to handle, can minimize the risk of suffocation. Giving a baby a natural pacifier and familiar nipple shape is faster and easier to pacify. Durable, well-made silicone pacifier frame, to ensure the baby's super vitality, will not affect the integrity of the baby, whether boys or girls are very good-looking.

Easy to Clean – If a pacifier is dropped clean it with soap and water, or use a breastmilk or warm water rinse in a pinch.  Put the baby teether pacifier into the boiling water or disinfection cabinet several times a week, squeeze out the remaining water and dry for 4-6 hours. The metal part of the Pacifier Clip is made of stainless steel. After cleaning, wipe off the residual water, and it won't rust.

The safest choice – are you responsible for your child's safety? Silicone teether pacifier and clip are 100% BPA, polycarbonate, PVC and phthalate free and made of food grade materials.

Warm tips – 1. Please take off the pacifier when the baby is sleeping. 2. Keep dry and clean. Store away from direct sunlight. 3. When you notice a hole in the nipple, tears, pacifier lengthening, light color or soft area, you should change it.

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