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What is the Application Knowledge of Copper Sheet?

Copper plate, also known as red copper plate, has a melting point of 1083 ° C and a relative density of 8.9. It has good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, and is widely used in electric substrates and high and low voltage electrical appliances. 

For the detection of copper plates, the surface of copper plates is realized. The relationship between the diameter of the automatic eddy current detection probe and the detection sensitivity and lift-off is analyzed. The sensitivity changes with the lift-off. When the lift-off gap increases, the mutual inductance between the probe coil and the workpiece decreases, and the sensitivity of the detected defect decreases. 

Different diameters, the magnetic flux density varies with the lift-off, and the sensitivity of the copper plate varies. Generally speaking, the sensitivity decreases with the depth of the defect depending on the size of the probe, not the skin effect. The length of most defects is not much larger than the wall thickness of the steel pipe, so it is impossible to use a probe with a diameter much larger than the wall thickness of the steel pipe, because the defect detection sensitivity of a certain length decreases as the diameter of the probe increases. 

In the middle, you must choose the appropriate probe diameter, copper sheet to achieve the best effect. The effect of defect length on sensitivity is limited to the probe field change. The size of the region, the region is a function of the size and geometry of the coil, to point probe, defect sensitivity is inversely proportional to the wire diameter.

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