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What Is The Purpose Of Carbon Fiber Board

Carbon fiber board is a fiber material with very low density. Its composition is 95% carbon. This new type of carbon fiber material is widely used in many fields. In terms of performance, its conductivity is very good, and it is extremely resistant. High temperature, so this material is very popular at home and abroad.The use of carbon fiber board:The use of carbon fiber board: concrete beam bending, shear reinforcement, concrete floor, bridge slab reinforcement, concrete, brick wall, scissors wall reinforcement, bridge pier, pile and other column reinforcement, chimney, tunnel, pool, concrete pipe Wait for reinforcement.Carbon fiber is more and more used in the current manufacturing industry, because carbon fiber has many excellent properties. Traditional glass fiber is not as good as carbon fiber in electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance. When carbon fiber is used in concrete reinforcement, its strength The characteristics of high, good corrosion resistance, etc. can be used in civil constructions, which are more sturdy and have higher safety performance. When used in the vehicle shell, it becomes stronger, impact resistant, and family cars are better protected. The editor’s introduction to the carbon fiber board is here.

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