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What is the silicone sponge tubing?


Hollow Open Cell Insulation Rubber silicone sponge tubing

Silicone foam also known as molded silicone, it is a two-component warmed vulcanized silicone rubber, composed of silicone and curing agent according to 1:1, it is white or skin-colored oily liquid, it vulcanized after becoming a soft elastic material, its foaming volume is the original 3-4 accompany.

silicone sponge tubing main properties

1)ROHS SGS Compliant , Meet FDA Grade 

2)Temperature Range: -40~+250 celsius

3)Elongation: 250%

4)Density: 0.3~0.6g/cm3

5)Hardness: 7-20Shore C

6)Tensile Strength: 10psi

7)Length: any length available

8)Color: any color available


silicone sponge tubing applications

Silicone sponge rubber foam tube (tube/pipe/hose/sleeving/tubing) widely used in the baking industry,machinery manufacturing,electronics industry,hot melt equipment industries for sealing,insulation,and high performance gaskets and seals.


Specification / Technical Data 

Product name

 Heat Resistant Insulation Silicone Rubber foam sponge tube


 Silicone rubber


 Red, black, blue…etc or any pantone color 


 1mm – 80mm or customized


1.3 g/cm3


 10-20 shore A

 Tensile Strength 


 Packing Size  

 Packed in roll,  or customized


silicone sponge tubing advantage:

It has the feature of high and low temperature resistance(-60-+300C),anti-ozone,weathering resistance and good electrode,also has chemical stability,anti-aging,anti-radiation,good permeability,very good sealing property.



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