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What is the surface treatment process for precision CNC machining parts ?

Good parts require high strength and durability in practice, and its operation function and service life have great contact with its appearance function, and the progress of appearance function cannot be simply relying on data, and it is also very Uneconomical practice, but in practice, it is necessary to make its function reach the norm. 
At this time, it needs to use the processing skills of the outside, which can often achieve the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort. In recent years, this skill has also been developed rapidly. The mold polishing skill in the mold surface processing category is an important part, and also an important process in the processing of the workpiece. The external surface treatment process of fine parts is very important in the processing process. What are the external surface treatment processes of fine parts? Today, let our non-standard parts processing manufacturers come to explain for us!
The surface polishing operation of fine parts is not only affected by the process steps and polishing equipment, but also affected by the specularity of the parts and materials. This is not satisfied in the current processing, which is also Explain that polishing itself is affected by the data. Although the processing skills for improving the appearance of fine parts are constantly being upgraded, the most used in the processing of fine parts is mainly the accumulation of hardened film, and the function of nitriding and carburizing.
Because the nitriding skill can achieve a very high level of appearance, and the process of nitriding skills has a very high degree of harmony with the quenching process of steel in fine parts, and the temperature of nitriding is very low, so After the nitrogen skill is processed, there is no need for a violent cooling process, so the deformation of the fine parts will be very small. Therefore, the nitriding skill is also one of the earliest skills used to strengthen the appearance function in the processing of fine parts, and is also currently used. The most extensive.
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