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What Methods does the 6-Meter Solar Street Light Use to Save Energy?

When a solar panel is illuminated by light, it converts light energy into electrical energy, allowing current to flow from one side to the other. Solar panels are based on this principle. Just solar panels illuminate solar panels, they can Produces 1/10 of the power of the received light. In order to minimize the light reflection of the solar panel, a film is usually covered to avoid light reflection, so that the surface of the solar panel becomes purple. How is the light energy converted into electrical energy? Solar street lights are mainly composed of four parts: photovoltaic modules, light-emitting diodes, solar cells and solar street light controllers that convert light energy into electrical energy.

Photovoltaic modules absorb sunlight during the day, convert solar energy into electrical energy stored in solar cells, and discharge at night when it is dark. Generally, in sunny days, under ideal light intensity, full power is only 4 hours, and each charge can be guaranteed after each charge. Beyond 5 days, continuous rain can work normally for 3 days. How to control the switch of the street lamp? At this time, the device on the street lamp plays a role. According to different requirements, the street lamp can be planned as light control or time control. When the battery is charged and discharged, it can also control the discharge intensity. In addition, because of the different orientation of the device, whether the solar street lamp can effectively illuminate will have a considerable impact. The technician can also rely on the specific situation of the daily lighting of the application location. Carry out planning equipment.

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