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What should you pay attention to when purchasing CNC tools?

CNC tools are mechanical cutting tools and are also used in tool manufacturing. General cutting tools include knives, including "tools" that are the same as abrasives, in addition to cutting blades, but also include cutters and holder attachments. Therefore, how to choose a suitable CNC tool is very important?
When you choose the type and specifications of CNC tools, our main considerations are the following factors:
(1) Nature of production
Here, it is naturally the size of the production batch of the index-controlled tool processing parts, mainly considering the processing cost that affects the tool selection.
For example, the use of a special tool in mass production may be advantageous, and when produced in a single piece or in small batches, the selection of standard tools is more suitable.
(2) Machine type
The use of CNC tool types (drilling, turning or milling tools) during the machining of the equipment affects the integrity of the charged cnc machine. The system ensures that the workpiece and tool system are rigid under conditions that allow for high productivity tools such as cutting lathes and feed tools.
(3) cnc machining program
Different CNC machining solutions can be used for different types of CNC tools. For example, with drilling and reaming, drilling and boring can also be used for processing.
(4) Size and shape of the workpiece
The size and shape of the workpiece also affects the type and size of the tool, such as the special surface treatment using a special selection of metal cutting tools.
(5) Surface roughness of processing
For example, the tool for cutting and surface roughness of the shape and structure of the workpiece affects the workpiece. When rough roughing, precision milling and milling, the coarse tooth is the finest milling cutter.
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