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While developing the automobile industry, we should improve laws and regulations and formulate standards

To achieve a win-win situation for economic development and environmental protection, so as to comprehensively promote the implementation of sustainable development strategies and policies. Key analysis: To develop the automobile industry, we must also pay attention to environmental issues. Simply pursuing the development of the automobile industry and disregarding environmental pollution and urban construction will not only restrict the development of the automobile industry, but also bring great damage to the overall development of the city. . If no control is imposed on automobile pollution, future atmospheric pollution, especially urban atmospheric pollution, will develop from the current soot type to a mixture of soot and oil. The growth of SO2 emissions will slow down relatively, and NOx emissions will increase rapidly. , After 2002, there may be a peak period of NOx emission growth. At the same time, acid rain pollution will accelerate its expansion to the western and northern regions of China due to the rapid increase in NOx emissions from automobiles. The acid rain pollution that has been classified as acid rain area will not necessarily be improved due to the implementation of total SO2 emission control and treatment measures, and may even be more complicated due to the sudden increase in NOx emissions, and bring new governance to the problem. Problems and difficulties. It is expected that the concentration of nitrate ions in acid rain will steadily increase, and the nature of acid rain will gradually evolve from the current “sulfuric acid type” to “sulfur and nitric acid integrated type”, which will bring new problems and problems to the prevention and control of air pollution and acid rain. difficulty.

According to the analysis, while developing the automobile industry, laws and regulations should be improved, standards should be formulated, and the monitoring of NOx concentration in the atmosphere, the management of NOx emissions in cities and the treatment of NOx pollution should be gradually strengthened, and the outbreak of urban photochemical smog and acid rain pollution in rural areas should be strictly prevented. The increase in damages to crops is aggravated, and in accordance with the development of China’s automobile industry, the management of NOx emissions and pollution will be increased, and the total emissions of SO2 and NOx will be gradually implemented in acid rain areas, some key cities or regions, and even throughout the country. Control strategies for the quantity. At the same time, it is recommended to adopt some policy measures based on the actual development of China’s automobile industry, such as encouraging the development, research and use of environmentally friendly automobiles and clean automobile fuels. The Beijing Municipal Transportation Department will further improve road traffic capacity by strengthening road command and guidance and scientifically adjusting signal signs.

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