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Why Silicone Night Light Is So Popular

Night light is a good thing for both adults and children. It brings convenience to parents who have a need of caring babies and takes away children's terrors of dark night. In recent years, silicone night light become more and more popular.The soft sense of touch, people's favorite of tap sensor , cute and funny design, with those advantages,  there is no doubt that silicone night lights  are in great demand.
Weishun Silicone is an experienced silicone products manufature with strong force. We also product popular night lights for our customers according to their special requests or design papers.Some popular silicone night lights we products as follow:

Cute Cartoon Silicone Night Light 
1. Reusable night light with rechargeable battery,2. 7 colors can change,3. Soft silicone material, eco-friendly and odorless,4. Decorating products can be used as home, house or outdoor5. Charging 3-4 hours, and can work about 12 hours
Welcome to cntact us. We can provide you high quality products with a reasonable price.

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