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Winter vehicle moisturizing and maintenance trilogy

After entering the winter, the air humidity has dropped significantly, and the haze has struck, and the humid Guangdong has a dry scene of red dust in the northwest. Do you know which parts of the vehicle * are afraid of drying out? They are leather upholstery, seats, rubber seals and tires for the entire vehicle. These immature parts are prone to ageing, wrinkling or even cracking in a dry environment, but only a little auxiliary supplies are needed, coupled with your care, the problem is easy to solve.

care leather upholstery, seat

Just like human skin, these dermis products in the carriage will wrinkle or even crack if they lose too much water in a dry environment. Cracked lips can still be recovered, but you really have to wait until the leather seats are cracked, but there is no way to remedy it! Another problem is that you can’t use oily protective agents for these parts that are in frequent contact with the body-who wants to sit on a greasy seat under the buttocks? It would be great if there could be a dermal protectant that is moisturizing and non-greasy like cosmetics!

I went to an auto supply store and found such a product. Its name is “Car Care Cleaning Napkin”. According to reports, the function of this car care cleaning wipe includes cleaning the glass, dashboard and all other places in the car that need to be wiped clean, and the glass wiped with it is not prone to fogging. However, its most important function is to care for the leather parts in the car. It not only has a strong cleaning effect, but after it is wiped, the leather parts can also maintain a moisturizing effect for about a week.

maintain rubber seals, tires

Many rubber seals on vehicles may be the most easily overlooked place. They are responsible for the waterproof and sound insulation of vehicles, but they are also fragile. Long-term exposure and low air humidity will cause them to age prematurely. Once the sealing strip is aging and cracked, it will have a great impact on the waterproof and sound insulation of the car. Similarly, tires made of rubber materials are also very fragile. In a long-term dry environment, the rubber material of the tire is very easy to age. Once the sidewall is seriously damaged, even if the tire pattern is still deep, it cannot be used.

With these problems, moisturizing products for these rubber parts came into being. This is the rubber material maintenance agent called “Tire Bao” clean and bright foam. The maintenance agent containing silicon components is mainly used to moisturize and repair damaged rubber seals and tires, slow down aging, and can be polished while maintaining. When the four “feet” of your car is so black and shiny after maintenance, you will find that your car is more handsome than before.

install an electrostatic discharger

Every car owner should have had the same experience: when he stretched out his hand to pull the car door, he was hit hard by the static electricity accumulated in the car. Although the static electricity does not cause any damage to the body, it feels uncomfortable. In a dry environment, this situation is very frequent, and we should also find a way to solve the by-products caused by dry weather.

If your car often “electricity” you, then you should choose to install a set of electrostatic discharge devices. There are two types of electrostatic dischargers: grounding type and air discharge type. Grounding type arresters are a more traditional style, while air arresters are more novel in appearance, and some are more popular because they can be shared with vehicle antennas. However, according to experts, the current trend is to install both sets, so that the effect of dissipating static electricity is much more ideal than a single set. What is worth mentioning here is a product called “anti-static spray”. It is hard to imagine that a small can of spray can prevent the generation of static electricity. Spray it evenly on the car body and wipe it off with a towel. The car has a magical anti-static effect, and the validity period is not short!

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